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Bastille Networks

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RF monitoring for wireless intrusion detection and policy enforcement. Visit for details.

Bastille provides customers the ability to discover, locate, and mitigate radio frequency (RF)
threats to their assets, facilities and networks. These threats arise from managed, unmanaged and
rogue wireless, IoT and Cellular devices. Bastille does this protection by using Software Defined
Radios (SDRs) to passively observe the entire radio space in a facility and report the existence,
position, and network connectivity of RF devices that are present.

What does this pack do?

The commands included in this pack enable you to interact with the Bastille Enterprise products:

  • Enrich indicators with detailed metadata of a wide variety of monitored wireless transmitters
  • Bring location awareness into your investigations for a richer context
  • Automate the tagging of wireless devices to facilitate policy enforcement

For more details please visit the Bastille Product page.


Bastille Networks


Cortex XSOARCortex XSIAM


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CreatedSeptember 23, 2020
Last ReleaseMarch 23, 2023

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