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Binalyze AIR

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Collect over 150 different types of evidence under 10 minutes.

What is Binalyze AIR?

AIR is an "Automated Incident Response" platform that provides the complete feature set for:

  • Remotely collecting 150+ evidence types in minutes,
  • Capturing the "Forensic State" of an endpoint as a well-organized HTML/JSON report,
  • Performing triage on thousands of endpoints using YARA,
  • Integrating with SIEM/SOAR/EDR products for automating the response phase IR,
  • Enriching alerts for eliminating false positives,
  • Investigating pre-cursors generated by other security products.

What does this pack do?

You can use two features of Binalyze AIR within CORTEX XSoar:

1. Acquisition

One of the core features of AIR is collecting evidence remotely. This feature is made possible by "Acquisition Profiles," a group of different evidence categories. With this integration, you can use following profiles:

  • Full,
  • Quick,
  • Memory (RAM + PageFile),
  • Event Logs,
  • Browsing History,
  • Compromise Assesment.

2. Isolation

Endpoint isolation works by terminating all connections of an endpoint and not allowing any new connections.

  • When an endpoint is isolated, you can still perform tasks such as Acquisition.

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CreatedAugust 1, 2022
Last ReleaseMay 17, 2023

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