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Enrich the data you have on your threats with the most advanced real-world CTI.

With the CrowdSec integration, you will have access to CrowdSec CTI, highly accurate, centralized, and curated IP reputation data built from:

  • A global community of + 100K power users sharing signals
  • Real-time reactivity against malicious IPs
  • Fully and easily integrates almost anywhere
  • Enrichment of data for all verticals and 100’s of use cases

CrowdSec is a collaborative and open-source cybersecurity suite that protects your online services, helps you monitor threats, and offers the largest CTI network on the market.

What does this pack do?

Includes CrowdSec integration, allowing you to enhance an IP address against the CrowdSec CTI.

Company information

For more information, you can visit the CrowdSec Documentation

For pricing information, visit our pricing plans or contact us directly

For CrowdSec support, contact CrowdSec Support




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CreatedNovember 29, 2022
Last ReleaseMay 2, 2023

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