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Digital Shadows Essentials (10k - 25k employees)

Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. The award-winning SearchLight solution provides ongoing monitoring of a customer's unique assets and exposure across the open, deep, and dark web. This enables clients to detect data loss, brand impersonation, infrastructure risks, cyber threats, and much more

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Digital Shadows Essentials (10k - 25k employees)

As threat actors become more active and more sophisticated, they increasingly exploit the growing digital footprints of businesses. To effectively protect an organization’s assets and customer data, security teams need to understand how these threats operate and how the risks manifest, then take actions to reduce their organization’s risk.

SearchLight Essentials is a service that protects the key areas that attackers leverage as part of their campaigns: exposed employee passwords, impersonating domains, and vulnerable services. SearchLight continually monitors for these weaknesses, alerting you before attackers can use them.

With Searchlight Essentials, customers receive access to weekly intelligence summaries, quarterly threat reports and intelligence updates. These intelligence updates provide information on the threat landscape, with emphasis on dark web activity, including ransomware targeting and Initial Access Broker listings.

This intelligence enables you to quickly understand threats targeting your industry and geography.

What's Included

Alert types:

  • Exposed Credential
  • Impersonating Domain
  • Vulnerable Service

Threat Intelligence features

  • IOC Enrichment
  • Dark web searches
  • Intelligence Updates

SearchLight Packages

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Automate enrichment of observables to discover related intelligence
  • Respond quickly to SearchLight alerts by triggering new playbooks that enable remediation
  • Eliminate manual investigation and navigate with speed across your workloads and unstructured data, reducing the time it takes to enrich and respond to threats
  • Automatically add associated MITRE techniques, associated indicators, and summary information to the incident

Additional Services

Using Private Offer button above, customers can subscribe to add-on services from Digital Shadows including Managed Takedown services, threat research hours and premium support services or create a custom solution for your company size. A full list of the additional services offered can be found here:

This pack subscription includes an API key generated by Digital Shadows. The end user can request an API key by e-mailing The API credentials are to be used with the DigitalShadows free pack to allow it to function. If you need help or did not receive the key, please contact Deleting or unsubscribing from this pack will invalidate API access.


Digital Shadows


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CreatedMarch 1, 2022
Last ReleaseMarch 1, 2022
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