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ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed Access

Access to ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed - a timely and curated threat intel list containing recent indicators extracted from ransomware and the tools used to deploy ransomware which are suitable for threat hunting or deployment to security controls.

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This premium pack provides access credentials for the ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed integration.
This is not an integration pack.
The feed integration pack can be found on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace under the name "ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed".

ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed includes fresh indicators from not only ransomware but the tools used
to gain access and deploy ransomware enabling defenders the opportunity to discover adversaries initial network access
and lateral movement before their data is encrypted. Our threat intelligence researchers analyze ransomware attack
trends and the security landscape to ensure that only the most up to date and relevant malware families are dissected
to create technical indicators.

Key Features

After obtaining the required credentials, the user gains access to the following features of the ReversingLabs Ransomware and Related Tools Feed:

  • Indicators from multiple stages of typical attacks allow for early detection and the ability to reduce damage associated with IP theft and ransomware attacks.
  • Aggressive aging of the indicators ensures only relevant indicators are active in the list.
  • Extensive post processing of indicators eliminates or reduces confidence on indicators likely to produce false positives.
  • Indicators such as IP, Domain, URI and Hash include tagging to give additional context such as MITRE ATT&CK, network parameters, attack stage and malware family name

About ReversingLabs

ReversingLabs is the leading provider of explainable threat intelligence solutions that dissect complex file-based threats for enterprises stretched for time and expertise. Its hybrid-cloud Titanium Platform enables digital business resiliency, protects against new modern architecture exposures, and automates manual SOC processes with a transparency that arms analysts to confidently take action and hunt threats.

Note: This pack subscription includes API user credentials generated by ReversingLabs. ReversingLabs will directly email the end user within 24 hours instructions for obtaining the credentials. The user then simply pastes the credentials into the “ReversingLabs Ransomware And Related Tools Feed” free pack to allow it to function.
If you need help or did not receive the key, please contact
Deleting or unsubscribing from this pack will invalidate user credentials/access at the end of the month.




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CreatedDecember 30, 2021
Last ReleaseFebruary 7, 2022

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