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Ivanti Connect Secure

XSIAM Modeling & Parsing Rules for ICS (Ivanti Connect Secure).

Ivanti Connect Secure

This pack includes Cortex XSIAM content.

Configuration on Server Side

This section describes the mandatory steps you should perform on Ivanti Connect Secure admin console in order to configure logging for the various system events and forwarding them via Syslog to Cortex XSIAM.

Configure Events to Log and Syslog forwarding

  1. Log in to your Ivanti Connect Secure admin web console.

  2. Select System > Log/Monitoring.

  3. Click the Settings tab to display the configuration page.

  4. For each local event log category that you are interested in logging (System events, User Access events, Admin Access events & Sensors events), perform the following steps:

    • Go to the Select Events to Log section, and select the requested event types you wish to log. See Select Events to Log for a description of the various types for each event category.

    • Go to the Syslog Server section, and define a server configuration for the Cortex XSIAM Broker VM with the following settings (see Configuring Syslog for full documentation):

      Parameter Value
      Server name/IP Enter the Cortex XSIAM Broker VM server's IP address or FQDN.
      Type Select UDP.
      Filter Select Standard (the default).
  5. Click Save Changes for saving the configuration.

If you are interested in alternative or advanced settings, such as configuring fault tolerance support, logging client-side events, or forwarding the syslog events via a secure communication channel over TCP with TLS, refer to the documentation in the following links:
  • Configuring an External Syslog Server.

  • Configuring Advanced Settings.

  • Enabling Client-Side Logging.

  • Pay attention: Timestamp parsing is supported for RFC 3339 of the following formats:

    • %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ - UTC +00:00 format.
    • %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:E3SZ - UTC +00:00 format with 3 digits of fractional precision.
    • %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:E*SZ - UTC +00:00 format with 6 digits of fractional precision.
    • %Y-%m-%d{Key}%H:%M:%S%Ez - RFC 3339 numeric time zone (+HH:MM or -HH:MM).
    • %Y-%m-%d{Key}%H:%M:%E3S%Ez - RFC 3339 numeric time zone (+HH:MM or -HH:MM) with 3 digits of fractional precision.
    • %Y-%m-%d{Key}%H:%M:%E*S%Ez - RFC 3339 numeric time zone (+HH:MM or -HH:MM) with 6 digits of fractional precision.

Collect Events from Vendor

In order to use the collector, use the Broker VM option.

Broker VM

To create or configure the Broker VM, use the information described here.

You can configure the specific vendor and product for this instance.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Data Broker > Broker VMs.
  2. Go to the apps tab and add the Syslog app for the relevant broker instance. If the Syslog app already exists, hover over it and then click Configure.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. When configuring the Syslog Collector, set the following values:
    | Parameter | Value
    | :--- | :---
    | Protocol | UDP (The protocol that was defined in the Syslog forwarding configuration on the Ivanti admin console).
    | Port | 514.
    | Vendor | Enter Ivanti.
    | Product | Enter Connect Secure.




Cortex XSIAM


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CreatedJune 5, 2023
Last ReleaseJuly 23, 2023

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