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Okta Access Gateway

Okta Access Gateway is a reverse proxy based virtual application, designed to secure web applications that don't natively support SAML or OIDC.

Okta Access Gateway

This pack includes Cortex XSIAM content.

Configuration on Server Side

Follow these steps for each of the three feeds: Audit, Access and Monitor

  1. Navigate to your Access Gateway instance.
  2. Select the Logs and Backups tab.
  3. Select the Log Forwarder pane.
  4. Select + > Syslog remote.
  5. In the Add Forwarder: Syslog pane enter the following:
    • Name: The name of the forwarder.
    • Protocol: Select either UDP or TCP. Ensure this protocol matches the log listener.
    • Host: Enter the DNS resolvable or IP address of the remote Syslog listener.
    • Port: Enter the port of the remote Syslog listener.
  6. Click Validate Forwarder. The Access Gateway then attempts to validate the remote logger connection information. If required, correct any input errors. On successful validation, the Validate Forwarder button changes to Forwarder Validated.
  7. Click Okay. The log forwarder definition appears in the list of log forwarders.
  • Pay attention: Timestamp support is available for the format %Y-%m-%d{Key}%H:%M:%E3S%Ez.

Collect Events from Vendor

In order to use the collector, you can use the following option to collect events from the vendor:

You will need to configure the vendor and product for this specific collector.

Broker VM

You will need to use the information described here.\
You can configure the specific vendor and product for this instance.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Configuration -> Data Broker -> Broker VMs.
  2. Right-click, and select Syslog Collector -> Configure.
  3. When configuring the Syslog Collector, set:
    • vendor as vendor - Okta
    • product as product - OAG




Cortex XSIAM


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CreatedSeptember 20, 2022
Last ReleaseJuly 24, 2023

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