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RST Threat Feed - Premium

Aggregated, filtered, and scored threat intelligence database available via API to check domains, URLs, and IP addresses


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RST Threat Feed covers multiple categories of indicators including Phishing, Web Attacks, C2 Servers, Botnet, Malware, TOR nodes, Scanning Hosts, Bad Bots, DDoS, Cryptomining, Spamming Hosts, Fraud and other types.

Each indicator has an individual score calculated based on the qualitative and quantitative parameters: what type of the indicators it is, who is the reporter of the indicators, how many other people who are already aware of that indicator, was an IoC known previously or not and many other contributing factors.

This Premium pack is built to interact with the RST Threat Feed API with 1 000 000 requests/month limit. That limit can be adjusted using the Private Offer option.

Note: This pack subscription includes API user credentials generated by RST Cloud. RST Cloud will directly email the end user within 24 hours instructions for obtaining the credentials. The user then simply pastes the credentials into the RST Cloud - Threat Feed API integration to allow it to function.
If you need help or did not receive the key, please contact
Deleting or unsubscribing from this pack will invalidate user credentials/access at the end of the month.


RST Cloud


Cortex XSOAR


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CreatedApril 22, 2021
Last ReleaseFebruary 2, 2022
Breach Notification
Incident Response
Threat Intelligence Management

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