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Secneurx Threat Feeds

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This pack contains integration to fetch indicators from SecneurX Threat Intelligence Feeds

SecneurX Threat Intelligence is reliable, human-verified intelligence for actionable defense and strategic planning. SecneurX researchers track emerging trends in APT, ransomware, phishing, research active & most prevalent threats, and supplement highest-priority investigations. Each record in Data Feed is enriched with actionable context (threat names, APT group names, resolved IPs addresses of infected web resources, hashes, popularity etc). Contextual data helps reveal the ‘bigger picture’. The data can answer the who, what, where, when questions which lead to identifying your adversaries, helping security teams make timely decisions and actions specific to organizations.

Consumers of SecneurX Threat intelligence are confident of knowing that the indicators were validated by SecneurX prior to platform ingestion. SecneurX Intelligence machine-readable threat intelligence is ingested into platforms to support automation to make informed decisions against today’s sophesticated attacks.

What does this pack do?

  • Ingests human-verified intelligence with associated APT groups, ransomware, malware families, active & prevalent threats
  • Correlates APT campaigns & indicators

In order to access SecneurX Threat Intelligence feeds, Make sure you have your SecneurX API-key. You can obtain the API-key, by sending an email to


SecneurX Technologies


Cortex XSOARCortex XSIAM


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CreatedJuly 14, 2022
Last ReleaseOctober 26, 2022

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