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SecurityScorecard Premium

Insights into the security posture of your company and third parties from the global leader in cybersecurity ratings.

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This Premium Pack for SecurityScorecard provides the user with a full SecurityScorecard Enterprise License (with web portal and API access) that enables you to monitor your own organization as well as up to 10 vendors, suppliers, or competitors (the choice is yours).

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, helping thousands of organizations of all types and sizes gain instant visibility into their own security posture and that of their third parties. CISOs and security teams around the world turn to SecurityScorecard for help with managing cybersecurity risk, which is at the intersection of numerous internal and external threats—especially, in terms of operational, legal, compliance and reputational risk. Through our platform, our easy-to-understand security ratings, and questionnaire management solution, we enable companies to gain a true 360-degree view of risk.
SecurityScorecard Ratings enables technical and non-technical personas to instantly understand any organization’s cybersecurity posture with accurate and transparent security ratings.
SecurityScorecard uses non-intrusive and proprietary data collection methods, as well as trusted commercial and open-source threat feeds, to quantitatively evaluate the cybersecurity posture of any organization. SecurityScorecard continuously monitors 10 risk factor groups and instantly delivers an easy-to-understand A-F rating, empowering organizations to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities and issues.

Key Capabilities, Features and Benefits

Transparent Data Collection and Accurate Scores

  • Instant visibility of any company’s security risk posture based on trusted data collected from a global network of proprietary, commercial and open-source intelligence signals
  • Transparent scoring methodology that accurately calculates A-F security ratings based on identified security issues relative to company size and digital footprint.
  • The industry’s first ever Trust Portal, providing transparency into SecurityScorecard’s ratings methodology

Platform Scalability

  • Largest network of rated companies. Over 12M rated companies and growing daily
  • Ability to seamlessly operationalize solution via integration with existing GRC/VRM, SIEM and SOAR platforms

Collaborative Remediation & Vendor Engagement

  • Interactive platform designed for fast collaborative issue resolution
  • Free platform access for invited vendors to control their scorecards
  • Visibility into the precise impact of specific security issues on risk ratings over time
  • Automated “best path” and customized plans to achieve target security rating

Powerful Threat Reconnaissance

  • Threat intelligence capabilities and attribution engine deliver actionable intelligence that enables cybersecurity and risk management teams to reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.
  • Determine what assets are at risk and what entity do they belong to
  • Quickly identify vulnerable assets in their IT infrastructure and third-party ecosystem.
  • Security teams can work efficiently to proactively eliminate weaknesses and defeat threats

Continuous Compliance

  • Enables organizations to meet or exceed regulation mandates regarding continuous monitoring
  • Simplify the compliance process by providing features that map directly to audit requirements.
  • Allows users to assess cyber-related compliance with regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, NY DFS, NIST, SIG, HIPAA, PCI, others for your organization and your vendor ecosystem.

Return on Security Investments

  • Detailed reports display the most critical and common risk factors for your company or vendor
  • Drill down into issues and findings sorted by severity and impact
  • Show historical performance and continued improvement to demonstrate return on security investments
  • Benchmark cybersecurity performance against industry peers and competitors.
  • Easy-to-read board level reports and workflow tools or cybersecurity assessments streamline stakeholder management.
  • Gain additional value from existing investments by embedding security ratings into your workflows through APIs and 25+ pre-built integration

Integration Capabilities

The SecurityScorecard Ratings Content Pack is an integrated offering that provides an alerting system triggered by configurable conditions such as changes in organization grades and vulnerabilities found.

This Content Pack enables security teams to create an alert in SecurityScorecard with particular conditions, which allows them to delete, update and interact with the alerts. A Cortex XSOAR Incident is created when an alert is triggered in SecurityScorecard. Alerts can be retrieved for factor grade drops, overall score drops, new vulnerabilities found, new issues, and CVEs detected.


This pack is dependent on the SecurityScorecard content pack, which is able to sync SecurityScorecard data to XSOAR in various ways.

SecurityScorecard Content Pack

Note: This pack subscription includes an API key generated by a 3rd party partner. The partner will directly email the end user within 24 hrs instructions for obtaining the key. The user then simply pastes the key into the SecurityScorecard pack configuration to allow it to function. If you need help or did not receive the key, please contact This pack may or may not have additional content (e.g. playbooks, dashboards) but will still function. Deleting or unsubscribing from this pack will invalidate the API key/access at the end of the month.




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