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The X509 Certificate Content Packs provides additional capabilities for handling, parsing and validating X509 Certificates in Cortex XSOAR.

This pack introduces the Certificate indicator type for handling X509 Certificates in Cortex XSOAR.

Default Indicator Type

This pack includes the Certificate indicator type.

Indicator Fields

This following are the indicator fields for the Certificate indicator layout.

  • Certificate Names
  • Certificate Signature
  • Certificate Validation Checks
  • Extension
  • Issuer DN (Issuer Distinguished Name)
  • PEM (Certificate in PEM format)
  • Public Key
  • Serial Number
  • SPKI SHA256
  • SHA256 fingerprint of Subject Public Key Info
  • Subject Alternative Names
  • Subject DN (Subject Distinguished Name)
  • Validity Not After (End of certificate validity period)
  • Validity Not Before (Starting of certificate validity period)


This pack includes the following 2 Automations.

  • CertificateExtract - Extracts all the certificate fields from a X509 certificate in PEM or DER format.
  • CertificateReputation - Enriches and calculates the reputation of a Certificate indicator.


The default Certificate Indicator layout includes information about the indicators on both the Info page and the Details page.

The Info Page

The following information appears in the Info page.

  • Creation date, modified date, expiration date of the indicator.
  • Reputation of the indicator sources.
  • The date, event, and source of the indicators.
  • Certificate information, validation checks, Subject Alternative Name (SAN), and fingerprints of the indicators
  • Related incidents.

It also includes action buttons for Analysts to utilize in their day to day.

The Details Page

The following information appears in the Details page.

  • Extensions
  • Public key
  • The raw certificate
  • Extended details

Action Buttons

The following action button scripts appear in the Certificate Indicator layout:

  • Enrich - Enriches the indicators.
  • Expire - Allows a user to expire an indicator. When an indicator is expired, it remains in the indicator's table with the status of expired.




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Supported ByCortex
CreatedDecember 21, 2020
Last ReleaseJanuary 26, 2023

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