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Active Directory Query

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Active Directory Query integration enables you to access and manage Active Directory objects (users, contacts, and computers).

Use the Active Directory Query content pack to access and manage Active Directory objects (users, contacts, and computers) and run AD queries.

What does this pack do?

  • Retrieve detailed information about user accounts in Active Directory.
  • Create, update, and delete users and contacts in Active Directory.
  • Add or remove users from groups in Active Directory.
  • Enable or disable a user account in Active Directory.
  • Based on an email address or a username of a user account in Active Directory, return the email address and/or username of the user's manager.
  • Investigate changes in Active Directory containers, ACLs, Schema, and objects.

As part of this pack, you will get an integration, a playbook to investigate changes in Active Directory, a playbook to access a user's manager's email address or username, 2 classifiers, and 4 scripts:

  • ADGetUser: Retrieves detailed information about a user account.
  • IAMInitADUser: Generates and sets an AD user account with a password, and enables the account.
  • SendEmailToManager: Sends an approval email to the manager of the employee with the given email allowing the manager to reply directly in the incident.
  • UserEnrichAD: Enriches a username with Active Directory data.

How does this pack work?

Create an instance of the Active Directory Query v2 integration.
This integration can be used along with the Identity Lifecycle Management premium pack. For more information, see Identity Lifecycle Management article.

For more information, see Active Directory Query v2

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CreatedJuly 23, 2020
Last ReleaseNovember 23, 2022

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