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You can use this pack to automate traffic management use cases in integration with F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM), the integration with F5 LTM included with the pack comes with several commands to get LTM information about nodes, pools and pool members, along with that some of those commands can be used to automate remediation actions such as disabling an active node.

What does this pack do?

  • Gathers information about F5 LTM Nodes, Pools and Pool Members.
  • Gathers information about F5 LTM Node and Pool Member connection and session statistics.
  • Enables and Disables F5 LTM Nodes.
  • Included with the Pack is a playbook to list all the Pools that are configured with single Nodes.
  • Included with the Pack is a playbook to wait for current connections to a single Node to drop to zero.

For more information, visit the Cortex XSOAR Developer Docs


Ayman Mahmoud


Cortex XSOARCortex XSIAM


Supported ByCommunity
CreatedOctober 10, 2021
Last ReleaseNovember 8, 2022

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