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Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks

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Integrate with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to query activity and take actions.

## Prisma Access Content Pack

This content pack enables XSOAR to integrate with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access. It includes 2 integrations.

### Prisma Access Egress IP feed

Dynamically retrieve and allow IPs Prisma Access uses to egress traffic to the internet and SaaS apps.

This integration can be used as a TIM feed to fetch indicators, or if a playbook starts from a non-indicator trigger it can use the command to get the IPs.

### Prisma Access

Integrate with Prisma Access to query the status of the service and take actions.

The integration includes commands to:

  • Force logout a specific user from Prisma Access
  • List currently active users
  • Run a Prisma Access query (e.g. getGPaaSLast90DaysUniqueUsers)
  • Run a custom CLI command

The integration uses both the Panorama XML API and SSH into the PAN-OS CLI. SSH is based on the netmiko library and will use the netmiko docker image.




Cortex XSOARCortex XSIAM


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Supported ByCortex
CreatedJuly 22, 2020
Last ReleaseOctober 30, 2022

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