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Silverfort protects organizations from data breaches by delivering strong authentication across entire corporate networks and cloud environments, without requiring any modifications to endpoints or servers. Using patent-pending technology, Silverfort's agentless approach enables multi-factor authentication and AI-driven adaptive authentication even for systems that don’t support it today, including proprietary systems, critical infrastructure, shared folders, IoT devices, and more. Use Silverfort integration to get & update Silverfort risk severity. This integration was integrated and tested with Silverfort version 2.12.

Whenever Cortex XSOAR runs an investigation that entails a suspicion of compromised user account it leverages Silverfort’s visibility to gain wider context of the investigated user account and applies Silverfort’s proactive protection capabilities such as requiring MFA or blocking access altogether as part of Cortex playbooks.

What does this pack do?

Mutual data enrichment on user’s risk and triggering protective actions:

  • Cortex XSOAR queries Silverfort whether an investigated user account is a service account or a human user
  • Cortex XSOAR queries Silverfort’s risk score for investigates user accounts
  • Cortex XSOAR actively updates users’ risk scores at Silverfort based on its automated investigation
  • Silverfort blocks user access to resources or requires MFA based on Cortex playbook

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CreatedJuly 22, 2020
Last ReleaseMarch 29, 2023

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