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Crisis Management

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This Content Pack helps you automate data collection and crisis event communications such as monitoring remote employee health and safety well being.

Note: This is a beta pack, which lets you implement and test pre-release software. Since the pack is beta, it might contain bugs. Updates to the pack during the beta phase might include non-backward compatible features. We appreciate your feedback on the quality and usability of the pack to help us identify issues, fix them, and continually improve.

The last pandemic taught us that learning to work remotely and keeping close contact with employees is utmost important in order to maintain smooth operation. Situations where employees have to work from home can happen at any time for various reasons.

This pack provides the necessary configurations and checks for managing a crisis event such as communicating with employees working remotely and engaging on work or health issues, and takes the appropriate steps to ensure employee safety and wellbeing.

What does this pack do?
  • Gathers information about a group of employees reporting to the same manager.
  • Sends out a questionnaire to all employees, asking them to answer questions. about their health and whether they require any IT or HR assistance.
  • Processes questionnaire responses, creating Employee indicators in Cortex. XSOAR. The indicators provide insight into the answers that every employee replied.
  • Creates IT and HR incidents for employee requests for assistance
  • Provides a full overview of employee health status.

As part of this pack, you will also get out-of-the-box incident fields, type and layout, as well as indicator fields, type and layout, a playbook for managing crisis events, and a full-fledged dashboard showing the health status of your employees. All of these are easily customizable to suit the needs of your organization.

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Supported ByCortex
CreatedNovember 9, 2020
Last ReleaseOctober 26, 2022

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