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Dataminr Pulse

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Dataminr Pulse's AI-powered, real-time intelligence integrates into Cortex XSOAR workflows for faster detection and response.

Dataminr Pulse brings the most advanced AI-powered real-time intelligence into Cortex XSOAR, easily fitting into your workflows and enabling rapid identification and mitigation of emerging threats so you can deliver faster time to detection and response.

Swiftly Close The Loop From Insight to Response

Effectively detect, prioritize and manage risk to protect your physical and digital assets with the fastest real-time alerting to discover threats as they unfold.

Broad Global Threat Coverage at Unmatched AI Speed

Dataminr has been the global leader in AI for risk detection since 2009. Dataminr Pulse is relied on by two thirds of Fortune 100 companies to inform their physical and cybersecurity operations. Every day, the Dataminr multi-modal AI platform analyzes billions of public data inputs in 105 languages from over 500K global sources including the deep and dark web, enabling you to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into deep and dark web sources including markets, forums, paste sites, and ransomware group sites.
  • Get first notice on emerging attacks impacting your network and third parties affecting your business.
  • Detect risk at a global scale and track the emergence and global spread of vulnerabilities so you can proactively mitigate risk.
  • Identify new ransomware groups and track attacks as they happen, giving you visibility of attacks impacting your or third party risk perspective.

Pulse for Cyber Risk Key Use Cases

  • Cyber-Physical Convergence: Gain real-time intelligence on converged cyber and physical threats, including physical threats to IT and OT infrastructure, network and power outages, disasters, and emerging geopolitical risks.
  • Vulnerability Prioritization: Prioritize patching with visibility to the entire lifecycle of a vulnerability, from pre-CVE to exploitation, while surfacing relevant vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
  • External Attack Intelligence: Mitigate risk by tracking threats to your company, subsidiaries, and 3rd parties across ransomware, APT groups, leaks, breaches, DDoS, defacement, and malware activity.
  • Digital Risk Detection: Get early warnings of risk to digital assets, including leaked credentials and data, account and domain impersonation, and mentions across the surface deep and dark web.

Accelerate and Enrich SOC Workflows

  • Accelerate, enrich and trigger triage with contextual intelligence
  • Activate playbooks
  • Improve incident investigation and response
  • Support analysis and threat hunting workflows
  • Determine threat identification, scoring and classification by type, severity and status



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CreatedMay 21, 2023
Last ReleaseMay 26, 2023
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