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Digital Shadows SearchLight

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Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organization's digital risk across the open, deep, and dark web.

Note: Support for this pack moved to the partner on March, 22, 2022.

Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. The award-winning SearchLight solution provides ongoing monitoring of a customer's unique assets and exposure across the open, deep, and dark web. This enables clients to detect data loss, brand impersonation, infrastructure risks, cyber threats, and much more.


  • Leader in Digital Risk Protection
  • Combination of technology and analysts
  • SaaS-based portal
  • Integrates into existing technologies via API
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Nine years of indexed data

Data Leakage Detection
Marked Documents
Customer Details
Employee Credentials

Brand Protection
Impersonating Domains
Phishing Sites
Spoof Social Media Profiles
Spoof Mobile Apps

Technical Leakage Detection
Exposed Access Keys
Unauthorized Code Commit
Leaked Sensitive Technology
Leaked Sensitive Code

Dark Web Monitoring
Accounts for Sale
Mentioned by Threat Actor
Phishing Kits

Attack Surface Monitoring
Exploitable Vulnerabilities
Certificate Issues
Open Ports
Misconfigured Devices

Threat Intelligence
Threat Actor Profiles/Tracking
Intelligence Incidents
Supplier/Vendor Monitoring
Vulnerability/Exploit Monitoring

What makes Digital Shadows unique

  • Exposure monitoring
    Digital Shadows monitors for the exposure of these assets across the open, deep, and dark web. This includes code-sharing sites, file-sharing sites, criminal forums, chat messages, social media, and search engines. For additional enrichment and incident response, users can search across many of these sources via "Shadow Search". Furthermore, our Collections and Closed Sources teams focus on continually adding to these sources.

  • Risk Identification
    Our technology reduces the mentions of these assets to only those instances that constitute a risk to your business. On average, this combination of technology and human analysis removes more than 95% of the total mentions of an organization's assets. Each alert has a risk score, ensuring your team is not overwhelmed by irrelevant mentions and can easily prioritize alerts.

  • Take Action and Protect
    Alerts provide you all the context you need to make quicker, better decisions. Users also benefit from playbooks for remediating the risk, including the ability to launch takedowns.

Call us at US 1-888-889-4143, UK +44 (0)203 393 7001

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Digital Shadows


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CreatedNovember 20, 2020
Last ReleaseJuly 25, 2023

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