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Handling DSAR reporting within Inventa Instance, including PII categories found, storages with data related to the PII etc.

Inventa™, AI-based sustainable data discovery and classification platform, provides automated,
near real-time discovery, mapping, and tracking of all sensitive data at the enterprise scale.
The platform assumes a zero-trust approach to data discovery and does not rely on input from
organizational players.

With Inventa’s Supervised AI solution, the platform easily creates and maintains a Customer
Master Catalog for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance use-cases. Additionally, with the
help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, enterprises can now discover customer uses of their
services and offer new value-added services. Besides, users can now easily define new data
lineage between different elements and maintain an up-to-date inventory for the enterprise
as Inventa’s Master Catalog.

Integration included in this pack along with the playbook designed to automate discovery of
the Data Subject storage details utilizes Inventa's DSAR Engine, allowing to keep nearly real-time
track on what categories of information related to a certain Data Subject are stored in various data
storages such as files, databases etc by simply creating relevant iDSAR (Inventa's DSAR) Incident.

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CreatedJanuary 10, 2022
Last ReleaseMarch 27, 2023

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