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Rubrik Polaris

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Rubrik Polaris revolutionizes the data management market, specifically backup/recovery, archival, and DR, by providing a global policy framework, workflow orchestration, and deep data intelligence as cloud-delivered applications. The content pack fetches Rubrik Radar Anomaly Event and provides playbooks to analyze, discover and recover -- to mention a few -- organizational data. The content pack is rich with commands to perform on-demand scans, backups, recoveries and many more features exposed by the Polaris API.

With the prevalence of ransomware in today’s environment, it’s no longer a question of if you'll be infected but when. Thick walls are no longer enough. When attacks due occur, your choices are to on average pay $847,344 or be down on average for 7+ days. The Rubrik Polaris data firewall allows you to change that conversation by offering:

  • An immutable file system that ensures backups cannot be deleted or modified
  • The ability to identify anomalies, data classification and assess impact
  • Initiate 1-click granular file recoveries

These unique features allow you to move beyond simple backup and recovery into protection from the point of data.

What does this pack do?

When responding to real world threats -- not theory real world -- you have to quickly build context and then push changes to begin remediation process. You can’t do that without a platform of automation.

So as much time as well spend on our UI/UX, we recognize how important it is to take the information we gather and have it available in Cortex XSOAR where you live on a day in and day out basis. And then more importantly start correlating that data into a more holistic threat picture.

When Rubrik Polaris Radar detects a new anomaly event, a Cortex XSOAR incident will automatically be created for the event. Once created, the incident will also utilize the Rubrik Sonar capabilities to determine if any sensitive data was potentially exposed to data exfiltration.

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CreatedFebruary 22, 2021
Last ReleaseJune 5, 2023

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