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CVE-2022-30190 - MSDT RCE

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This pack handles MSDT RCE CVE-2022-30190, aka Follina vulnerability, a 0-day exploit in Microsoft MSDT protocol handler

This pack is part of the Rapid Breach Response pack.

On May 27th, a new Microsoft Office Zero-Day was discovered by Nao_sec.

The new Zero-Day is a remote code execution vulnerability that exists when MSDT is called using the URL protocol from a calling application such as Word.

On May 30th, Microsoft assigned CVE-2022-30190 to the MSDT vulnerability, aka Follina vulnerability.

This playbook includes the following tasks:

  • Collect detection rules.
  • Exploitation patterns hunting using Cortex XDR - XQL Engine and 3rd party SIEM products.
  • Cortex XDR BIOCs coverage.
  • Provides Microsoft workarounds and detection capabilities.

More information:

Prevention, Hunting and Playbooks for MSDT Zero-Day (CVE-2022-30190)

Note: This is a beta playbook, which lets you implement and test pre-release software. Since the playbook is beta, it might contain bugs. Updates to the pack during the beta phase might include non-backward compatible features. We appreciate your feedback on the quality and usability of the pack to help us identify issues, fix them, and continually improve.

CVE-2022-30190 - MSDT RCE




Cortex XSOARCortex XSIAM


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Supported ByCortex
CreatedMay 31, 2022
Last ReleaseMay 2, 2023

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